Michael Goldhardt


About Brother Goldhardt

I currently work in the Training Services Division of Seminaries and Institutes of Religion at Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City. I am over Teacher Training of Online Seminary & Institute. Before thus assignment I as a Semi art Principal at Herriman Sr. Seminary overseeing 1800 Seminary Students. I have worked with S&I since 2000. 

 I was the Pilot instructor for the BYU-Idaho online Religion courses, piloting first the Book of Mormon 121 in 2008 and then, the New Testament, Old Testament, and Teachings of the Living Prophets. I also have been assigned as an online course lead and a teaching group leader at BYUI. I have taught an online World Religions Course at the University of Phoenix since 2007. 

 I received a Masters Degree in Instructional Design and Curriculum, and receiving a Doctorate of Education from the University of Phoenix in Educational Technology, specifically online Education.