Mission Statement

BYU-Hawaii Stake Center

In the Department of Religious Education we strive to be in harmony with President J. Reuben Clark, Jr.'s charge introduced in the speech titled "The Charted Course of the Church in Education," in which he states that we are to teach, encourage, and assist each student as he or she strives to live a perfect life--temporally and spiritually--as described by ancient and modern prophets.  We additionally work to accomplish the University Mission Statement in, “Educating the minds and spirits of students within an intercultural, gospel-centered environment and curriculum that increases faith in God and the Restored Gospel, is intellectually enlarging, is character building, and leads to a life of learning and service.”

Within the Department we have the following learning outcomes that support the mission statement:

Jesus Carrying A Lost Lamb

Conceptual Learning Outcome
Students will learn the ancient and modern settings of the scriptures and they will be able to analyze and interpret LDS scripture, doctrine and history.

Application Learning Outcome
Students will be able to use the factual and conceptual understanding of LDS scripture, doctrine and history to conduct themselves in a manner that would enable them to enjoy and claim the blessings and happiness promised in those scriptures, and become a blessing to those with whom they come in contact throughout the world.

Spiritual Learning Outcome
Students will have developed a deeper testimony of LDS scripture, doctrine and history, and have a greater desire to seek the Holy Ghost as an aid in studying, pondering, and living the doctrine of the Church.